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Click to View More Information About iFileMover FileMover – Typically, most local network backup strategies revolve around the users working on a mapped drive to a network server. The server gets backed up at night onto tape. The local workstation is never backed up. However, if the server goes down or the network goes down, all of the users are dead in the water because their documents are not local.

The solution is the FileMover! With the FileMover installed, the users work from their own local hard drive. Their local folders are “mapped” to the server using the FileMover and files are synchronized as needed to the server. If the file doesn’t change, it isn’t copied. Using the FileMover greatly reduces network traffic. If the Server goes down, no problem. The user’s files are local. If the workstation drive crashes, no problem. There is a backup on the Server! This product can be installed on all workstations.

Click to View More Information About iFileMoveriFileMover This product is the same as the FileMover with the added benefit of Offsite Backup to our secure, remote FTP Servers. It will compress your data and Encrypt it with a password of your choosing. Backups begin automatically and your data is stored on redundant servers to insure 24x7 up time. Files can be created as “Archives” so you can have a “Monday” file, “Tuesday”, etc. This allows you to retrieve a backup from any day of the week. You can also restore your files as often as you need to and at any time.

Traditional methods of backup include tapes, CDs and DVDs, ZIP drives, etc. All of these methods have disadvantages because they required someone to change the media and physically transfer the media offsite where it must be stored in a safe place. The iFileMover takes the worry and fuss out of backup!

Click to View More Information about BOOK-IT
BOOK-IT - An Enterprise-Level Event Booking Software Package
Convention/Meeting Room Booking Email & Fax Information Broadcast
Arena Booking Group Sales & Party Suite Rental
Event Ticket Sales Equipment and Labor Distribution
Suite and Club Seat Sales Extensive Reporting Modules
Employee Info Management Accounting Integration
Inventory Control

Click to View More Information About CSM CONTACT & SALES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM -(CSM) A fully customizable software solution for the efficient management of contacts and customers. Created for sports franchises, this tool can be tailored to any application in which relationships are key to bottom line results.

For the sports property, CSM provides an easy to learn and easy to use fully integrated database platform which creates a profile for each person or business based on all their various touch points with the team allowing sales personnel to focus on top prospects and provide customer service with maximum efficiency.

The CSM can manage many key aspects of franchise operations including season and group tickets sales, sponsorship sales, community relations, merchandising, mailing lists and execution of broadcast emails to targeted audiences.

CSM contains a wealth of reports giving sales reps and management up-to-date information on sales, calls and appointments across parameters as determined by the user (year to date, today, last week, etc.). The information in CSM can be searched, and results viewed and/or printed, by hundreds of combinations such as by zip code, business type, SIC code, rep., ticket type, advertising type, employee and etc.

Click to View More Information About Spy Sweeper NEW Spy Sweeper 4.5 takes another leap ahead of the competition. As the leading anti-spyware available, it detects and completely removes the nastiest spyware out there like Elite Keylogger, LOP & Trojan Backdoor-Haxdoor. Webroot pioneered always-on protection and arms Spy Sweeper with 16 Smart Shields. Spy Sweeper remains simple to use and reliable. Backed by FREE expert customer support. We recommend this MUST-HAVE software. FREE DOWNLOAD.

Open and Edit AutoCAD DWG Files, No Conversion Compatible with AutoCAD menus, scripts, fonts, etc. Use your own AutoCAD Blocks or select from a library of Blocks and Symbols for Electrical - Mechanical - Architectural - Civil/Survey Hybrid Raster/Vector Image Editing including Conversion Advanced Rendering with Materials 3D ACIS Solid Modeling Compatible with AutoCAD AutoLISP, ADS, VBA and COM Vertical applications for Mechanical (progeMEC) and Architectural (progeARC ArchT).

** Note: All of the products listed above can be customized to fit your particular needs!

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